Dear Guest !

wejście na wirydarzWelcome to the place whose history dates back to the beginnings of the Polish state. When you come by the lake in Mogilno you will certainly stand on the steps of the king Kazimierz the Restorer and the monks who came to this place to rebuilt what the prince Mieszko I and the king Bolesław the Brave – founders of the Polish state - had begun. Their hard work was rooted in suffering and blood of first Polish martyrs. It is them, who had put up foundations of Polish Christianity. You can touch these foundations going down to the eleventh century crypts under the church. You can reflect in the monastery corridors, where for centuries monks were treading to eternity. You can look inside the oldest Polish will, which was a symbol of living water for Benedictine monks. Maybe this place will tell you something about Europe which according to the pope John Paul II is to be the home. We are fulfilling this great will and foster the tradition of the prayer and work which helps to unveil the secret of humanity. We are building the home of stones and spirit so that you could come here and be treated as a friend and feel at home. These are great words. We want to grow up to them by living ordinary lives in the parish and the European Centre of Meetings “Wojciech-Adalbert”. We invite you to the Monastery in Mogilno and hand you over to St. Mary the Lady of Mogilno!